Cricket clothing is perhaps the most iconic accessory any player can wear, unless they are a professional cricketer. Cricket whites, commonly called white shirts, shorts or trousers, and generally includes a striped top, briefs, trousers and jumper or cap. Cricket clothing has evolved over the years but its basic design is almost constant. The current trend for cricket clothing is for longer length trousers with ankle bands and short sleeved shirts available at Western Sports Centre.

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Cricket clothing can be purchased from sports shops, or online websites that sell cricket accessories such as cricket shirts and shorts. Cricket clothing for men is relatively simple, as the only additional piece required is a cricket bat. Other accessories required including cricket boots, neck guards and knee pads. Cricket gloves are also worn but are not essential; gloves are available in synthetic and leather materials which offer a good amount of grip.

Cricket clothing requirements include a cricket bat, gloves, boots and protective clothing such as cricket shirts. Cricket gloves are similar to those worn on other sports and can be purchased from a sports store or online. The bats are usually purchased separately unless an individual is playing Tests and wants a bat made specifically for them. The main accessory that goes along with the game of cricket is the ball. Every bowler needs a sturdy, well-made ball which is known as a stinger. While all players will use different balls during a match, test cricket players are known to prefer the same ball, which is made of four strands of metal with a thin line at the bottom to help it pass through the wicket-keeper’s hands easily.

Other accessories which are crucial while playing include cricket hats which are known as brims and which help to keep the hair out of the eye, even when playing in hot temperatures. This is because the brim of the hat acts like a sun shade and helps reduce the amount of heat reflected onto the face. A brimmed hat is also a good option if the player is going to wear white or yellow clothing underneath, as brimmed hats are much more aerated than baseball hats which tend to stick to the skull.

Wearing white clothing is a requirement for all cricket players, although certain rules regarding the color of clothing have been relaxed. Earlier on, all players were required to wear a white outfit made from cotton. Today, this requirement has been dropped, but many players still prefer to wear white clothing; especially if it’s going to be playing for their country. Cricket clothing is available in both long sleeved and short sleeved options, and many players opt for long-sleeved shirts that are known to be warmer than the short sleeved options.

Cricket clothing doesn’t stop at the aforementioned clothing, as other accessories such as shorts, socks and shoes are needed to keep a player comfortable during a game. Cricket shoes are designed for specific surfaces and materials, so it’s important to ensure that one selects the appropriate ones for the surface on which they’ll be playing. For instance, while one might find soled shoes suitable for playing on grass, they would be too heavy for playing on mud or gravel. As a result, many cricketers choose to wear specialized spikes to increase the traction on surfaces like sand or gravel. It is worth noting that while cricket shoes don’t come in one-day or two-day versions, many teams today to make sure that players have their shoes ready for every match and are able to use them comfortably for hours at a time.