What is Web Development?

description web development encompasses a variety of skills and disciplines within the creation and maintenance of websites. The various fields of web development include web graphic designing; web interface designing; creative web authoring, such as flash and multimedia; creative web architecture and style; and search engine marketing. Wikipedia defines Web development as,” the application of computer software to create and manage websites, either for personal or professional use.” It also goes on to define Web development as “a set of specialized computer programs used to design, build, and implement websites”. Websites can be both static and dynamic. Static websites are those that are life, while dynamic websites are those that are planned and created using technologies such as JavaScript. There are many job titles given to individuals who work in web development. Web developer, web designer, and web writer are just a few of these titles. Web developer refers to any person who creates websites, while web designers are responsible for the aesthetic design and navigation of the websites. Web developers must work closely with the designers to ensure the final product meets both the developer’s and the client’s needs. Web designers usually write the text, while the developers create the images, videos, and interactivity. Web developers need to understand the basic technology that underlies most websites and create a website according to this technology. Web designers normally write all of the HTML and JavaScript code. Web developers write the visual display format using a variety of software programs. Web developers and web designers complement one another to create a perfect website. Web developers usually use programming languages such as C++, C, or Java. Web designers usually use graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks to create the visual presentation of the website. Web developers and designers need to work in teams to complete the website. Web developers must use both HTML and JavaScript languages. These languages are essential for creating a website. Web development involves a lot more than merely coding the website. Web designers and developers often work as consultants. Web developers must understand the overall design concept and create a website that is interactive and unique. HTML is primarily used to write documents; however, XML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, or server-side technologies can also be used. Web developers use these programming languages to create interactive websites. Web developers may work on a full-time basis, freelance, or in an agency environment. Web designers and developers may work for small companies, medium companies, or large companies. Web developers may have a general focus on website design and development or work in conjunction with other departments. Web designers often focus on graphic design and image editing. Web developers often focus on programming, user interface, and development.