This year ended with many people searching over 1500 law firm websites to make the Best Lawyer Website of the Year as well as search for Best Lawyers in one place. While the search was satisfying, we found that the task was not quite an easy one. With this in mind, we have compiled the information into three categories to help you better choose your next legal representation. Once armed with this information you will be better prepared to make your decision.

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Categories of Best Lawyer Websites for 2020 are: Personal Injury, Real Estate & Business Protection, and Education. These were the most popular categories last year, but which ones are returning in the near future? Most business category sites appear to be targeting the Personal Injury category as they are looking for personal injury lawyers. Personal injury, at least for attorneys, seems like the area that is set to see the biggest growth so it would make sense that if you are on a law firm website looking for work you might want to consider exploring the Personal Injury category.

Now let’s move on to the categories two which is Education and Real Estate. Law firm web sites seem to prefer to focus their efforts on Education rather than Real Estate or Property. In fact, there does not appear to be one category that is shared by the top three sites. While Education is always in demand, there is little new information to share on this category that may lend itself to an increase in site visitors. There are a few resources on the Best Lawyer Websites for 2020 that discuss these topics though.

Category three, which is Real Estate, seems like it will benefit from some research. If you are on a law firm website looking for a property/real estate attorney, you will probably want to investigate the various design accents available. If you are a new firm looking to expand, you may want to look at some of the new options that many law firms are offering. Some of these include multi-family units, town homes and condominiums.

Category four, which is usability, seems like it should fall right into place here. The Lawyer Websites for these categories tends to focus on usability. usability includes things such as navigation, ease of use and ease of understandability. Research has shown that the usability of a website can actually determine the success of that website. If a website is easy to navigate then there is a much greater chance that site visitors will continue to use the website and increase the potential for future sales.

Overall, the One of the best lawyer websites for you will be dependent on your personal goals and objectives for using the website overall. If you want to increase your exposure and your law firm’s overall website rating then you will want to focus on usability as you develop your site. However, if you want to make sure that you are providing your clients with the most current information and you need a site that is easily navigated then you may want to focus on the other categories that are included here. These five areas are really the biggest contributors to determining where you end up, but it does help to keep in mind what categories you may not have considered in the past.