Did you know that the city of Wollongong offers one of the most affordable costs of living in New South Wales? It also provides a relaxed, coastal lifestyle preferred by residents in the area. Here, one can find some of the most stunning beaches ever, along with national parks and rainforests, which are all a short drive away. With great connectivity and essential infrastructure upgrades, Wollongong stands out as a premier destination for business owners. The city also offers a wonderful work-life balance with a bubbling bar, foods, arts, and festival culture. 

Since Google is so obsessed with providing helpful content, what can you do to boost your SEO and create more content that caters to searchers? One of the best ways is to earn some reviews from other companies as it can be a real lifesaver. We all know that reviews can be the lifeblood of any business. People trust reviews a great deal more than content provided by Google, or your own blog. It’s natural for businesses here to leverage these points and be a leader in their industry sector. 

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What Can You Do? 

Ask the company you’re working with for a testimonial about a project you’ve executed for them. Asking for a review is an excellent way to secure some SEO juice for your business and to generate content for your blog. 

Ask customers who have had a positive experience with your business to leave a review. Asking for a review is a lot like a promotion. It will get you mentioned in various forms on the front page of Google. But the best benefit of asking for a review is that you’re showing other companies that you’re committed to providing quality service. SEO is all about delivering value. People will want to recommend you, and more business will flow your way. 

Can You Get Reviews on Social Media? 

One of the easiest ways to get reviews online is through social media. A lot of people post reviews on social media, and Google favours social media posts that have some sort of engagement. Facebook is particularly good for this. On Twitter, it is recommended to write a response to someone who has left a review. They may appreciate a response from you. It will also help reinforce your credibility as a reputable business. 

The best thing about getting reviews is that you can leverage these reviews into more content for your blog. The content will get even better with an authentic feel. 

How to Boost Your SEO With Reviews 

Google announced changes to how they use the “subject matter” of reviews in a written post by the company’s Search Quality team. By “subject matter,” Google is referring to reviews written by individual users. In response to feedback about the low-quality content in reviews and the effect it can have on the ranking of sites, Google has made some improvements in search ranking signals for reviews.

Reviews will no longer appear prominently in the search results for businesses. Also, SEO marketers will want to make sure reviews are valuable and help in driving customer traffic and conversions to your business.

The “Recommended for you” listings will also be refined to only show more experienced users who have actually ordered products through your site. Businesses should use reviews to increase customer loyalty and foster brand loyalty. It’s a good idea to look at your reviews to see if they are helpful and find things that can be improved. Some things that you can do include: 

The top area for improvement could be the user interface. Is the review form difficult to navigate? Are your terms clear? Are there things that are missing that are needed to successfully review your product? 

Are the reviews written well, or are they poorly written? Do they follow a structure that makes them easy to read? 

Some people like to review a product for the sake of reviewing a product, and they don’t pay attention to its quality. Keep in mind that the person reviewing your product or service could be a potential customer. If the customer is a good reviewer, it could make other visitors more likely to come back to your site. In addition, it will tell Google (and everyone else in the world) that your site is worth a second look. 


These are just a few suggestions for how to improve the usefulness of reviews and boost your SEO. It would help if you spent some time taking a look at your reviews to see what could be improved. If you have an issue with a customer or customer review, you can try these five steps to fix it.